Safety Street provides children a protected, fun environment to learn how to avoid preventable accidents.

Safety Street

In the greater Kansas City area, injuries among children are a leading health problem and are responsible for 65 percent of deaths among those ages 1 to 19. Many of these injuries are preventable. KC CAN! built Safety Street in order to reduce those numbers.

Safety Street is a simulated street scene that uses an interactive approach to teach children basic safety skills needed to operate in today’s city environment. It is a scale-model city street complete with mock storefronts and vehicles, with hands-on learning activities of bicycle, automobile, bus and pedestrian safety. Safety Street provides a protected, fun environment that uses real life situations to teach children how to avoid preventable accidents. With preparatory activities conducted in the classroom or via the Internet, it is a ‘fieldtrip’ experience for children in second grade.

Safety Street is modeled from a similar, community-based program organized in 1988 by Harlem Hospital in New York. The Harlem initiative has resulted in dramatic decreases in preventable injuries. Other programs have been started or are being developed in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and other cities.

What Kids Learn

Safety Street’s curriculum was developed from other successful safety street programs and combined to give students the most current and relevant information. Children will stop at each of the safety ‘stations’ and learn hands-on information about pedestrian, bicycle, automobile and bus safety. Children will also visit stations or participate in sessions on other safety topics such as fire and health safety.

Children visiting Safety Street will also receive take-home materials that will reinforce the safety concepts that were covered during the Safety Street visit.

Safety Street Update

In 2007, KC CAN! successfully completed the transition of Safety Street operations to the Kansas City, Missouri Health Department. KC CAN! has committed to providing a $60,000 grant over the next three years to ensure the continued growth of the program. The Health Department has been an active and critical partner in the program since it launched 2003 and now assumes full ownership of the operations.

Safety Street, located on the Health Department campus, has provided safety education for thousands of students with participation levels increasing each year. Safety Street now also provides training for adults, such as teenage mothers and church and civic organizations, and has received very positive feedback regarding both children and adult training programs.

Contact Information

For more information about Safety Street including how to sign up for your class or group to attend Safety Street contact the Kansas City, Missouri Health Department at (816) 513-6079 or follow this link:


Safety Street was built on land donated from the Kansas City, Missouri Health Department. The site is located on Hospital Hill, next to the Kansas City, MO Health Department’s new building.
Address: 2401 Campbell Street
Kansas City MO, 64108
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